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Before Buying
  • Check if the Project has a License to Sell.
  1. You should ask the seller or broker/agent of the owner/developer if the project is registered and has a License to Sell issued by HLURB:
  2. This can be verified in the HLURB website (www.hlurb.gov.ph) for list of projects with approved Certificate of Registration and License to Sell;
  3. Or you may go to the nearest HLURB Regional Office for this information (Click here for the names and addresses of HLURB Regional Officers with its telephone number).

  • Conduct a personal visit to the subdivision/condominium, where the house and lot or condo unit to be purchased is located; If the project has a License to Sell, you may already enter into a Contract to Sell with the owner/developer. However, there are things which must be checked:
  1. The date of completion of the project as indicated in the License to Sell; If the property is mortgaged, it should have a Clearance to Mortgage from the HLURB;
  2. That the facilities and amenities represented in the advertisement flyers/ brochures are in accordance with the approved subdivision and condominium plan on file with HLURB.

When Buying
  • Check if the broker/agent is registered with HLURB;
  • Check if the property has not been sold to other buyers;question of whether they can still own real property in the Philippines. Below is a primer that tackles the common questions on this issue.
Before Signing the Contract to Sell
  • Don't sign any blank form of the Contract to Sell;
  • Read thoroughly all the contents of the Contract to Sell more especially the terms and conditions in fine print;
  • Secure a copy of the Contract to Sell and all other documents that you signed;
  • Make sure that the Contract to Sell would be registered by the owner/developer to the Register of Deeds;